Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa

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Haldred Chronicles: Alyssa

Post by Mik » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:31 pm

“They may slay my mortal body, but I am not so easily defeated. Time is on my side, and I will spend it well.”

Alyssa is the last vampire, changed into one by the stereotypically evil Igor Regorash himself, before his permanent death. She's not enjoying being a vampire; being the last one in existence can be very lonely. She would like nothing better than to be human again.

Victoria Haldred is a Council of Peace investigator, charged with maintaining the peace in a post war world. Murder, assassination, bombings, blackmail, not to mention politics and double-dealing, are just some of the wonderfully unpleasant circumstances she has to deal with.

When a local drunk comes down with a bad case of dead, Alyssa and Victoria are set on a collision course that will change both their lives. Sinister forces are at work and it seems like no-one can be trusted. Can they survive when one of the most powerful figures in the post war world has taken an unhealthy interest in them?


This is a story, written by a IRL friend of mine, it's the first of his two books, I'm not going to lie to you, this one is a bit ropey in places but, I really rather enjoyed it.

I read most of it with his cadence in my head, which unfortunately I can't share with you all but it enhanced the reading experience greatly, most of the characters even talk like him, least to me. The dwarf barmaid, I think I've role played with him playing that exact character, though she would be a he in that instance, he isn't that into the rp.

As for the book itself this one, seems to be a bit similar in style to Terry Pratchett.

So yeah, probably not the greatest ad for a book ever, but I dunno it's 99p, it's not much of a loss if you think its total shit.
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