You remember them, they are those things that cavemen used before they invented fire and iPads.
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Post by Melana » Mon Oct 23, 2006 7:09 am

I'm currently in the midst of a 'buy or not to buy' quandary.

I finally found the book I haven't been able to remember for years, but my library no longer has it (SOMEONE ELSE STOLE IT!) and to buy it just in it's Paperback is going to put me back a very pretty penny.

Somehow this book got cult status and was never rereleased.... I don't understand how a paperback could be worth more than $50. It just defies reason!

I don't want to have to pay that much for a book... But i've been looking for it so long.

That's the book.

I know I really really want to read it, but i don't know if I want to own it. A big part of me just wants to read something that in my youth (haha ) I found a great read. But do I want it on my bookshelf?

Anyway how far would you go for a book?
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