books you cannot remember

You remember them, they are those things that cavemen used before they invented fire and iPads.
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Post by Drabe,ThePirateking » Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:23 am

i just thought that we could as aura society make a post where people can describe books but cannot remember the title. then maybe someone else will remember the title and help them out with the name. like for instance when i was younger, i read this amazing 200 page book where this guy went to the future, it was all prehistoric, people had colonized, and then he eventually settled down with a woman. but before they could get married he got dragged back into the future by the random warp hole he used to get there in the past. well since he loved his life so much, he found out that a virus struck around his time, so he started to try and come up with a cure to prevent this future from ever happening. yet i cannot remember the name its been bugging me for five years now.
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