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Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:56 pm
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I realized i needed some pics of naz in regular street wear rather than the dancer gear and money garter belt.

character will look drasticly different as a reseult. luckily her core feature is her hair.


This one was kinda based on the style of dress I see emerging now. with the ladies wearing those big furry barbarin esque snow boots.
I dont think ive ever seen then worn right. and i think i know why.
they really dont go with much unless youre dressed to look pretty primative.

the hair is crap here. looks way too toonish


2nd run. I like this one for now. but it can definatly improve.
I like the vest but I made it more athletic looking and gave her some pants to match.

I think i might keep at somthing with the same style for the next run, but change re imagine the material. I think I want to try more zippers as well.

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