From those killer tunes that you heard 6 years ago in the back of a mini bus, heading into Utah, or the songs that are on the radio now. This is the place. (No R&B please, because it doesn't exist)
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Post by Mik » Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:36 am

I listen to a metric shit tonne of podcasts.

I walk to and from work, so I have about an hour and change to burn and I find them calming when working to have a bit of distraction, it oddly helps me focus.

Currently listen to;

The Joe Rogan Experience
Hollywood Babylon
Fatman on Batman
The Cracked Podcast
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Mohr Stories

Anyone listen to any good podcasts, I have a pretty full plate, but you never know when you need more :D
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