Dream TV shows;

Ah, the idiot box, our childhood companion/minder let us speak of your marvellous ways and bask in your shiny technicolour.
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Dream TV shows;

Post by Mik » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:10 pm

I'm not talking about TV shows were it was all a dream all along, I hate those.

Come to think of it, ever notice that in long running TV shows there is nearly always at least one episode were the entire show is in a characters head and they are in a coma/ dreaming it all ?

Damn recycled plots.

Anyway, what I really mean is, have you ever been watching something and thought, fuck if only they did this instead. I have, I planned to do a longer write up as some sort of bizarre catharsis for myself, I still might, was going to call it Why the world hates me and secretly hopes I'd just fuck off and die. Chapter 1 - Fuck you and your horse. Yeah, the title alone, is a work in progress.

Nevertheless, I shall eventually regale you with my original point, sorry, one last thing, hopefully not to further obfuscate my point but, I was watching a movie when this first occurred to me.

The movie was Transformers, a simmering pile of luke warm plot garbage filled with 300 minutes of effect shots in a 120 minute film, opening 3-4 minutes made me dream of better days. Pacific Rim was a similar experience if not as bad. Now, I'd say I thought of a better movie but, and I've thought about this a lot, it's way too much considering I'll never be in a position to utilize these ideas and points. These does and don'ts and even 3 movies probably ins't enough time to properly tell the story, hence TV, HUZZAH.

Battletech/ MechWarrior

For those of you that don't care/ will never read this, go fuck yourselves... everyone else, here is the jist of it.

Battletech is a tabletop tactical/ role-play game similar to Warhammer with a bit of D&D thrown in for good measure, sometimes, but it's mostly a war-gaming game. Mechwarrior is how they branded the novels that they did to flesh out the lore fluff on the tech manuals and the video games, I've read or played half of each media, I'm a fan.

The history and story levels are off the charts, spanning about a thousand years of events, battles, wars, tragedy and heroism but realistically the dearth of most of the novels occur between 3025 and 3068 and 3130 - 3140 in date terms.

Fuck, it this is already too long, basically it's Game of Thrones meets giant robots (they aren't that giant the largest of them is barely 40 foot tall, basically walking tanks). A conflict between warring factions and Houses across the stars as they battle for dominion of all mankind.

As much as I enjoyed reading the battles as a young adult reader, with their cerulean bolts of man made lightning and armour melting away in a torrent of liquid steel, I enjoyed the human interest and political intrigue more and as sad as it is when I met up with my geeky 30+ year old mates, "what about Battletech" can, legit, start a few hours long discussion, everyone has their favourite pilot/ faction/ story.

Anyway, my dream is to see a Battletech TV show about the Clan Invasion of 3050-3057, i'm a bit bias as that is the first books I read but I think the Blood of Kerensky Trilogy and the Legend of the Jade Phoneix would make one helluva show they could be a season each easily.

The major problem is always the set up, it's 1000 years in the future, mankind has spread out and colonized space and old hatreds and doctrines have faded away or been crystallized. As the great empire began to crumble, the ruling family killed and usurped, the greatest general of all time loved by the military (the Starleague) took bulk of the armed forces and weapons of mass destruction and fucked off into the Periphery (deep uncharted space). He broadcast that he was taking them away to avoid them being used in the civil war to come and hoped that humanity would reach a peaceful conclusion to their differences without the threat of total annihilation in the mix, with the caveat that he/ they would return if they were needed from threat from without (aliens), that's what he meant be forgot the 'from without' part which would open a whole other bag of worms.

Needless to say they were never seen again and people sorted it all out, no harm done. Or in reality there was instant total warfare with whatever they could scrape together. There are 3, almost back to back wars, which totally wreck mankind to the point were technology is starting to go regress. For example, its an almost unwritten rule not to destroy Jumpships (transports that do the heavy distance instant travel for your inter system transports) because they literally can't build them anymore, people forgot how.

See, tough to put into a trailer even.

Anyway, that's mine, what's yours ?
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