Transfomers: Fall of Cybertron

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Transfomers: Fall of Cybertron

Post by Masteroftheweb » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:03 am

So I spent the last 7 hours playing the Transfomers: Fall of Cybertron campaign and am left with some pretty mixed feelings. I wasn't a huge fan of what they did with a fair number of the story elements, but overall the game mechanics were fun and should keep me enjoying multiplayer for a while longer.

My biggest complaint though... is that I just spent 7 hours playing the game... and I'm done.
According to my trophy I beat the first stage at 6:40pm, and I finished it at 1am exactly. When you factor in all the deaths I suffered throughout this game, (poor design, simply being too cocky against overwhelming odds, slipping off the edge and falling to my death in the heat of battle, whatever the case... there were plenty of them) and the fact that my PS3 froze twice... I can honesty see the campaign only being about 5-6 hours long for someone who didn't suffer as many setbacks as I did.

There's little campaign replay value, in my opinion, because the encounters are always going to be in the same places, with the same event triggers. I can easily see myself feeling rather "been there, done that" in no time flat.

One thing that annoyed me was the fact that I always had to solo everything. The fact that campaign co-op didn't make a return was one of the largest disappointments I had suffered when I was waiting on this game and debating if I truly wanted to even give it a chance or not. That being said, you were separated from your NPC followers so often that the situations that were engineered to spilt you and your teammate up got old quick. Which will it be this time? The falling grate or the object that's only conveniently impassible for one of you? Or will we mix it up this time and have it as both?

Another complaint was the voice acting. I know a lot of the old cast wasn't involved for one reason or another... but some of the voices they picked for people just irked me badly. I know that's fanboy pet peeve, and not a valid complaint about the game... but it's important to me dammit (Why Warpath?! Why?! Why didn't you say Sh-Bang, or Ka-Plow even once? That's part of your personality!)

The last stage was absolutely amazing though. I had the idea for how they did it in passing while I was playing the game, and it was a pleasant surprise that, that was the route they took. It was very fun... but the ending leave me wanting.

Like I said, I'm really mixed on how to feel. The game was fun, but incredibly short. If it weren't for the fact that I enjoy the Multiplayer, I'd probably feel really cheated right now.

I didn't like what they did with the story, and some of the characters, but that's the G1 fan in me and I know it.

Though... one thing that I simply cannot accept. For reasons completely unknown to me, High Moon decided to change Slag's name to Slug... I don't get it... and I want to punch people. You don't mess with the Dinobots. They are my favorite.

They also didn't include Sludge as a Dinobot... or they killed him off... or something. I don't even really know anymore
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Re: Transfomers: Fall of Cybertron

Post by Mik » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:47 pm

Slag, is British slang for someone who sleep around a lot, I suppose it's like hussy ?

Only reason I could think of, it's also a byproduct of a blast furnace, so I don't see what the big problem with it could be.
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