Cheap way to play in HD resolution

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Post by Matt » Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:58 pm

Sorry if this isn't news to anyone, but it was to me about 5 days ago.

All you need is a computer monitor (VGA) and the 360 VGA lead. Voila, High Definition resolutions.

At the moment I'm running it on a 17" CRT monitor at 1024*768, which letter boxes some games, isn't really a problem, to me, though. So I'm still only getting 720p (and not even that, properly) but it's better than using the TV and much cheaper. The lead cost me £20.

I was planning on getting a HD ready TV for this kind of thing, but now I'm thinking of getting a 1900*1200 LCD monitor with composite and component inputs. I was looking for a TV that would have PC input, but I've read that PC monitors have better response times, refresh rates and brightness ratios. So, I'm rather stuck for choice. The monitor I have in mine can do 1080i and is about £300 cheaper than the TV's.

Decisions decisions.
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