SmackDown! vs RAW 2008

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Post by kaos » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:45 pm

somehow I think I'm the only one interested in this.

even still I feel compelled to speak on it.

2007 was great. if felt full featured, except that it was missing a lot of the roster.
and the customization options though they did allow for quite a range, felt a little limited.

2008 sounds awsome.
the rearranging the whole system...again
and it sounds a lot like an MMORPG action.

you have a style, and a sub style.
(class and sub class)

Dirty - Can use dirty moves like using referee as shield , doing con chair etc.
Hardcore - Have more moves with weapons and also weapon moves cause more damage.
High-Flyer - Can use ropes and turnbuckles more efficiently. i.e. have more arial moves available for these positions.
Powerhouse - Ability to kick of out anything.
Showman - Ability to lower foe's momentum and morale.

Click here to view the YouTube video. Click here again to hide it.

Click here to view the YouTube video. Click here again to hide it.

btw is their a shorter way to add youtube clips?
like [ yt ] instead of [ youtube ] ?

and to top things off....
ECW will have such a large presence in this game that the games subtitle is going to be 'ecw invasion' and it'll be writton over the core logo.

ECW is my favorite brand if you havent guessed.
they barely got any love in last years game.

I hope they have more Divas this year.
I really missed Krystal from the last game, and Layla would just dominate.

Note: Layla hasn't actually proven she has any skill what so ever yet...but I'm a fanboy
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